About members profiles


Members profiles are a crucial way of fostering an Ovni Owners community.  Logged-in members see fuller information than visitors. Please take the time to set up your profile, which you can access via your handle, displayed in the menu bar top right.

When you edit your profile, you will see you can upload a profile photo of yourself to put a face to your name.  You can also upload a cover image – a panoramic aspect picture which will appear across the top of your profile.  This is useful to place yourself in the context of your boat or crew.

You will also see three tabs Base, People and Yacht.  Visit each tab and complete the information as appropriate.

On the People tab you can enter details of yourself, residential locality etc.  You can describe yourself as owner or by a crew role.  You can include contact details and, if this includes a mobile number, you can indicate whether it can be used for FaceTime or WhatsApp.  You can also include Skype, Twitter and FaceBook IDs.  Some members will not be entering yacht details – they may not have one or the yacht’s details may have been entered under another member.  In this case you can enter your association instead.

On the Yacht tab you enter details of your yacht as indicated.  There is a field to select your home waters.  If none of the selection is appropriate, you can enter it in the text field instead.  Please do not use both.  You can enter a note – for example if you are based away from home during extended cruising, you could enter your foreign base.

You need to save changes to each tab, before moving to a new one, using the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

You can upload one or two pictures of your yacht.

The credentials you provided at registration time are only visible to yourself and site administration, so no one else will have a sense of who you are unless you include some information.

Within the Activity tab of your profile is a field What’s new?  Here you can enter a short statement of what you are up to.  This will show against your profile, including in the Members list and is publicly visible.  You might use it to let others know such things as “Cruising in the Balearic Islands”  or “Laid up ashore for the winter.”  Don’t for get to update it or delete it when it is no longer correct!


For each field you will see the default visibility – whether it is visible  publicly or to members only.  You can change this visibility on an item by item basis if you wish, except that:

  • Your ‘handle’ (e.g. John – Titanic) is always public
  • Your contact details (telephone, FaceBook etc.) cannot be made public.

Multiple accounts

You can have more than one account if a co-owner or crew member wishes to have their own identity on this site.  To avoid duplication, it is suggested that one member provides details of the yacht and the other  fills in only the Association field in the yacht tab of their profile with something like ‘Co-owner of Titanic’ or ‘Mate on Titanic’ as appropriate.


The Members section of the site shows a directory list of all registered members, together with key information, such as their yacht model and home waters. Selecting a member ‘s handle or picture will display their directory entry.

Searching for members

Many of the data fields in a member’s profile and in the directory are coloured blue to indicate they can be clicked on.  Where this is directory information, this conducts a directory search for other members with this information.  Thus you can find other members with the same model, rig, home waters etc.

You can control how your own data is used for searches by placing it in square brackets to provide separate searches (e.g. [south] and [north] will generate two separate search options south and north rather than a single one of south and north.  This feature can also be used to exclude certain words from the searches or indeed all of the field (which could be achieved with ‘south and north[]’).

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