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All modern Ovnis are ocean-going yachts and can be found all over the world.

Ovni 395 Barracuda carrying a Parasailor mid-atlantic

Ocean-going yachts

The sugar-scoop stern provides good safe access to this WindPilot self-steering gear

Steering herself mid-ocean

The stern deck also provides good access for landing a catch

Exquisite Anchorage

The lifting keel allows Ovnis to moor close to the beach

Ovni 395 Barracuda in Warderick Wells - Bahamas

Exquisite Anchorage

The lifting keel means touching the bottom is not so much of a problem

The Ovni hull is strong enough to handle this with ease.

Ovni 395 Minnie B anchored in Saltwhistle Bay, Mayreau in the Grenadines

The Ovni hull is strong enough to handle this with ease.

The sugar-scoop stern with its swimming deck and ladder makes swimming a delight.

Gone swimming

Ovni 455 Ruby II carrying her parasailor off Paxos, Greece.

Perfect weather
Drying out

The lifting keel and flat bottom allow Ovnis to dry out with ease

Ovni 395 Barracuda shelters from gales in the drying harbour of St. Ives, Cornwall

Great beach hut!

Children, sand and water are made for each other!

Ovni 395 Antipole on the beach at East Head, Sussex

Room for all

The Ovni's roomy cockpit has space for crew and hungry family

The galley in Ovni 395 Kimchi has been designed around the Gastronorm system.

Galley fit for a master chef
Hitching a lift

Ovni 395 Barracuda arrives in Turkey mast-up aboard a freighter

The Ovni's flat bottom allows it to stand securely without braces

Rocking it in Sweden

Swedes love to cling to rocks.
The strong Ovni hull is good here.

Ovni 385 Mareld moors Swedish-style

Chilly in Chile

Ovni 365 Firiel braves the ice in southern Chile

The Ovni's hull is strong with better impact resistant compared to GRP.

If ice is your thing, Ovnis can be built with extra thick bow plates.

Fancy a cuppa?

Warming the crew aboard Ovni 395 Kimchi

Keeping warm with a stove and boiling the kettle!

Ovnis can be fitted with a stove - just the thing for keeping warm and boiling the kettle!

Drying out at the pub
Drying out at the pub

Ovni 395 Antipole alongside
The Maltsters' Arms
at Tuckenhay on the River Dart, UK

Not far to toddle home at closing time!

Early sunrise

Up at 03:58 to take in the start of a beautiful day.

Ovni 39 Acheron on the Isle of Eriskay in the Hebrides

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