About Ovni spots

The Ovni spots forums are available for members to share information about locations particularly suitable for Ovnis. This will mainly be places to dry out, but might also include others, i.e., very shallow waters.

We are not trying to duplicate the information in cruising or pilot guides. However, these rarely provide the information an Ovni skipper needs when drying out. Even when drying out is mentioned, it is often with bilge-keelers in mind. Ovnis can dry out where bilge-keelers might topple over. On the other hand, Ovnis are susceptible to stones on the bottom.

Many skippers hesitate to dry out in an unfamiliar location without first inspecting the spot through a low tide. Information shared in these forums may provide fore-knowledge for that decision. However, responsibility remains with the skipper and neither this site nor the submitters of information take responsibility for how it is used.

Members are not subscribed to the Ovni spot forums by default. This is to avoid email alerts about spots completely out of your area. You may subscribe to the spot forums for the regions you are interested in, or to a particular spot.

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