About the For your attention… list

When you are logged on, in the right-hand side-bar you will see a list of topics For your attention…

This is a list of unread topics, with the ‘freshest’ at the top.  The link takes you to the topic, which is then removed from the list.

If a topic to which you are subscribed gains a comment, it reappears in the list with the link taking you to the latest comment.

For any topic you have marked as a favourite, any unread comments will also appear in the list even if you are not subscribed to the topic.

This list is the ideal way to get up to date with what has been discussed in the forums since you last logged on.

For new users the list will include all topics in freshness order, which is not helpful.  Far better to browse the forums list for topics of interest, which will be found in a structured form.  When you have read all of interest, click on the Mark all topics read button.  This will clear any unread items from your reading list, thus enabling you to keep up with any future topics.  The Mark all topics read button marks as read all topics from the point you are at.  Thus you can mark as read topics in sections of forums you are not interested in.  To mark all topics as read, make sure you are at the top of the forums list.

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