About the bazaar

The bazaar is a forum in which members may offer or seek stuff which may be of interest to other members.

Please do not use this for unrelated matters — we are not trying to start another eBay!  While it would be permissible to seek or offer a dinghy or tender, the site is not to be used for selling or seeking yachts.

You can attach up to four photos or certain other file types.  There is a 1MB size limit for attachments.  When you have selected a file to attach, it is checked for size and type and a thumbnail image will be shown.  You can then give it a caption.  You can also insert it into your post so that it is shown in-line with your text.  Actually, a short code [in square brackets] is inserted as a place holder, which will be replaced by the image when the topic or reply is displayed.

The bazaar is publicly visible.

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