Formatting posts

It is possible to apply various formatting to posts (topics, replies and WordPress posts).  This can help make your post easier to understand.

Basic formatting

At the top of the composing or editing window you will see various formatting buttons to make text italic, bold or turn it into a link to something.  Select the text you wish to format and click the button.  This inserts html tags around the text which causes it to be displayed accordingly.


You can format text to display lists, which can be unordered ul (proceeded with a bullet •) or ordered ol with numbered items.  Each list must be surrounded with the appropriate list tags and each row item within it must be tagged as a list item li.

The simplest way to proceed is to draft your list first withe each item on a separate line.  Then select each line in turn and tag it as a list item.  Finally select the while list and tag it as either an ordered or unordered list.  Here is an example:

 <li>Choose your boat</li>
 <li>Buy your boat</li>
 <li>Sail away!</li>

This will display as:

  1. Choose your boat
  2. Buy your boat
  3. Sail away!

You can nest lists one deep.

Shortcode  formatting

In addition to using the above tags, you can also use what is termed shortcodes, which are similar to tags but use square brackets.  Here are a few you might find useful:

  • [heading]{content}[/heading]  Make the {content} a heading.
  • [highlight]{content}[/highlight] Highlight the {content} as if with a marker pen.
  • [hr] Insert a horizontal ruler line
  • [color color="{colour}"]{content}[/color]  The {content} is coloured accordingly, where {colour} can be blue, red, green etc.
  • [attachment file="{file}" width={x} height={y}]  Insert an attached file or image.  This is what the insert button does when you upload an attachment.  The width and hight parameters are optional and can reduce the size of the image displayed.
  • [img width={x} height={y}]{image_url}[/img]. Insert an external image from elsewhere.  The size parameters are optional.
  • [quote quote={id}]{content}[/quote]
    The content is displayed as quote.  If the quote is from this site you can include its id number and the author will be shown as the source of the quote.  Clicking on this takes the reader to the original source.

If you need assistance or have other needs, raise a topic in the support forum.