Creating and formatting posts

Are you clear you wish to create a post rather than contribute to the forums?

Posts versus Forums

Posts are blog-type entries.  By convention on this site, posts are of a temporal nature – as time passes they become less relevant.  They are used for announcements of such matters as

  • Announcements of events, such as boat shows
  • Cruise plans
  • Introductions by new members

Sharing of information of a more enduring nature takes place in the forums.

You create a new post with the menubar items + New>Post.

For a simple post, you enter the post title and start writing where shown.

You are using the new (as of December 2018) block editor known as Gutenberg.  Each part of your post (including each paragraph) is placed in a separate block.  When you are in a block, or hovering over it, you will see a feint line marking its edges.  At the left edge of a block, you will see controls to move or drag the block up or down.  This makes re-ordering your material very easy.  To remove a block, find the menu at its head and select More options (three vertical dots).  The last item in this list is Remove block.

When you are in a block, you will see a simple formatting menu at the top of the block, which, for text, allows you to embolden or italicise words, etc.  In the right-hand sidebar you will see settings for this block, such as font size, colour etc.

For more complex formatting, you may convert a block into a specialised one that handles particular properties.  The first item in the menu lets you convert the block to other types compatible with its content.  This may include lists or quotes.

For more complex needs, create an empty block.  On its left you will see a + symbol, which allows you to choose from a library of block types.  The ones you are most likely to need are:

  • Lists – ordered or unordered, like this one
  • Quotes
  • Tables
  • Image – you can upload an image or link to an external one
  • Gallery – you can upload or link to a series of images.  In the side bar you can set the maximum number per row.  It is very good at re-sizing images to fit together.
  • Media & text – one image to the left or right with text alongside it.

For other needs, consult the site support forum or raise a topic there.

Before publishing your post, run through the Good Writer Checkify checks at the foot of the page.  You will find document attributes such as categories in the Document tab of the sidebar.  You can use the Preview button to see what your post will look like before publishing it.