About searching the site

You can search three separate domains of the site.

Front pages and posts

Use the search glass  🔎 found top right on most pages.

You can search for multiple terms.  So searching Onvi dinner will find all posts on Ovni Owners dinners.   Using “” searches for the exact phrase, so searching “Ovni dinner” finds nothing at the time of writing because the posts have the phrase Ovni Owners Dinner.


Enter your search terms in the Search Forums field in the sidebar.

Again, your can narrow your search by including multiple terms.  Aluminium anodes will find all topics for replies containing the words aluminium and anodes, whereas “aluminium anodes” will find those contains the exact phrase.

Members directory

On the page displaying the directory of members, there is a Search members… field above the list of members.  You can use this to find all members whose directory entry contains an exact match.  You might want to search by name, boat name, model or port etc.

NB Unlike searches of posts and forums, you cannot match multiple terms.

In both the members directory and in individual member’s profiles, some fields are coloured blue to indicate they are clickable.  If this is a website address or Facebook ID, clicking it will take you to the appropriate destination.  Otherwise it will search the directory for members whose entry also contains this term.  So if you are viewing a directory entry, this is a quick way of finding other who also match the clickable term.

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