About privacy


Care has been taken to protect members’ privacy while making appropriate information publicly available.  The following applies:

  • The public information held does not identify the individual;
  • The information held shall only be used in connection with the Ovni Owners site.
  • All information held about a member can be viewed by that member and can be corrected, edited or deleted by them;
  • If members choose to record ways to contact them (telephone number etc.) this information is only available to other members;
  • Members can control the visibility of other information in their profile – whether it is public, members only or private.
  • Contact through the site with members by email/message is only available to other members and does not disclose a sender’s email address to the recipient;
  • The site administrator(s) has access to members email addresses and it is technically possible for the administrator to access the content of messages sent between members using the site;
  • The site administration believes these arrangements meet the requirements of the EU Data Protection Directive and that registration under the UK Data Protection Act is not required;
  • In registering with the site, you agree to your information being held as explained.
Cookies and tracking

This site is hosted on tsoHost in the UK.  The site uses cookies to organise its response to your visits — e.g. to remember whether you are logged in.

The last 50 site logins are recorded, together with the IP address.  This includes failed logins, such as attempts to breach the site security.

Where does my data get to?

To assist us in optimising the site and its structure, page visits are recorded by statcounter.com.  Visit IP addresses are recorded, together with the page you visited and, where available, the URL you came from.  No personal information is collected.  This information is held for about two weeks and is available to site administrators only.  statcounter.com holds this information in the USA.

Images uploaded to this site are optimised by ShortPixel, which is located in the USA. The images are sent to ShortPixel and the optimised images returned to the website. ShortPixel deletes the images it has processed after 30 minutes.

If you have a concern or opinion on privacy, please raise it in the Site Policy forum.

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