Advice on new sails for 365

We need to replace our Genoa and main sail on our 365 ( Mahi )after 11 years . Any advice appreciated on a good sail maker in UK or Norway and any advice on briefing sail maker to get a good fit ? We are wintering in Tromso ( N Norway) but can have sails shipped I guess . And we are visiting Southampton boat show this sept .
Should we give the Alubat sail drawings or is there more too it ?

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  1. Phil - Minnie B

    Cannot advise on sailmaker, but we got a new genoa in New Zealand and our spec to the sailmaker was to cut the sail so that the foot cleared the guardwires on all points of sail as we were fed up with constant chafe repairs from off-wind sailing. Has it affected performance? Not that we have noticed but it has been major benefit in less hassle and cost. Incidentally a few years ago in conversation with Jimmy Cornell (excuse the name drop) he said dump the Genoa and get a Yankee. I think we now have a genkee or a yanoa.

  2. Stephen - NSM


    The key to getting good sails is giving them accurate measurements and albeit you will have the I/P/J/E information we have always found that you get a better job if the boat is measured, either by the sailmaker or by you.
    In terms of material, for longevity and retention of shape Hydranet radial cut sails would be ones to go for. Could go crosscut for the main but recommend tri-radial for genoa.

    Gran Seils in Norway are the only Norwegian built sails we have experienced (on a 445) and they were very good


  3. Robert - SaRe

    Hi I am having a mainsail made by Collins sailmakers Truro. Nick seems very knowledgeable and is very helpful. He came out to measure up because I am local. It looks great but to be fair I am not experienced enough to know the difference!
    My new sail in build.

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