Baltic sea charts and advice ?

Hi all ( again !),

We plan to sail from Holland into the Baltic sea , running a full programme over 4 months taking 2 or 3 guests at a time in 2016. ( we will upload onto our Remote Adventures site shortly).  Has anyone sailed in this area – any suggestions on countries / locations appreciated as we are pulling our programme together presently. Also keen to purchase a full compliment of paper charts – ideally pre used and pre loved ! To save money and environmentally friendly. Any suggestions ?

Andy / Sian
Mahi / Remote Adventures

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  1. Alan - Peregrine8

    Andy/Sian, I look forward to seeing your reports. According to our long term cruising plans, we should be in the Baltic in 5-7 years. Have you thought of joining the Cruising Association? They have a thriving Baltic section and I am sure you would gets lots of helpful advice, as we do for the Med.


  2. Tony - Antipole & site admin

    @mahi – next May we plan to head for the Baltic for a couple of seasons. I second @peregrine8 on the Cruising Association, which we have just joined. It is rather expensive (£92/annum) but there is a wealth of information. The Baltic Section is very active, with ca. 750 members, and:
    * It publishes cruising guides for each Baltic country and which seem to be updated annually. They are free to download and can be obtained printed and bound for a modest charge. The savings here alone will pay for your subscription.
    * There is an active forum BalticNet — right now there are postings on where to refill CalorGas cylinders etc.
    * There is a network of Honorary Local Representatives, who know their regions, local regulations and speak English and the relevant language
    * There is a phone app to exchange up-to-the-minute news e.g. port closed due to wreck
    * Each Spring (next 13th February 2016) there is a one day seminar for those heading to the Baltic to meet with old hands and pick up tips. Charts and guides are for sale by those leaving the area. Unfortunately we shall be in New Zealand (by air not sailing!) but would attend if we could.

    For charts we use Navionics. Yes, I know relying on electronic charts is controversial but we have a carefully thought-through strategy and reasoning which I will not go into here. The whole of the Baltic costs $300 for MacENC on both our Macs plus $90 for the iPad and $40 on both our iPhones. (Yes, we have quadruple redundancy.) These payments include 12 months of updates – hooray – no more Spring times dominated by chart updating.

    @greywanderer entered the Baltic this autumn and Robin may respond too.

    We may bump into you (not literally, I hope).

  3. Robin - Grey Wanderer

    Hi Andy/ Sian. Our 365 (Grey Wanderer) is now stored for the winter on the German Baltic Island of Fehmarn. So far we only have experience of the German Baltic area, but initial impressions are favourable. Boating costs seem lower than UK South Coast (inevitably!) and the Ovni’s variable draught comes in handy in some harbours which can be surprising shallow despite the lack of tidal range.

    The Fehmarnsund area is a big German Yachting Centre with easy rail connections to Hamburg and would be ideal for crew changes and/or semi-sheltered Solent-type sailing with less experienced guests. Kieler Forde was pretty manic in August with lot’s of racing activity and crowded harbours. However the British Kiel YC was an oasis of calm amongst this lot. We plan to spend next summer in Denmark and Sweden, returning to Fehmarn again at the end of the season for winter lay-up.

    Like Tony, we are CA members. We have found the networking aspect of the CA to be useful. The CA Baltic section is particularly active, providing good advice on winter storage locations, up-to-date harbour reports from other members etc. Also, we have met some nice people en-route this year just by sailing around with a CA flag up, and the CA discount on our winter storage bill more than paid for this year’s membership,

    Portfolios of used charts do come up on the CA Baltic Net forum from time to time, but we haven’t been successful in buying any yet. I purchased some German paper charts this year from as back-up to our Navionics electronic ones. Ordering lead times are quite long. But next year we will buy charts locally and avoid the cost of buying in the UK.


  4. Andy Collins - Mahi Post author

    Thanks, Robin , Tony and Alan – very helpful advice and yes we have joined the cruising association and the Baltic section has been friendly and the Baltic teaching last week was a great introduction. We head off for the Baltic from our current base in Holland in mid May so Tony and Robin we hope to meet you if you are sailing that way .

    Our itinerary is on our web site , basically May is Amesterdam, Delfzijl,Kiel canal to Rostock. June is on to Gotlandand Tallinn. July is Helsinki , Turku, Åland and Stockholm. Aug is to to Mem , Gota canal, Gotenburg and Copenhagen and finally in sept its Danish islands , Kiel, Frisian islands and back to Holland.

    Andy & Sian
    Mahi / Remote Adventures.

  5. Andy Collins - Mahi Post author

    Baltic sea sailing crew ? – As we head for the Baltic our summer sailing venture is nearly full ! If you know of anyone who wishes to join us for comfortable sailing on our refitted Ovni 365 ‘Mahi’ we have just 2 legs remaining ( and strangely I think the best legs!):
    June 18-30th Visby on Gotland to Tallinn ( Estonia) . 12 nights. approx 325nm. 1 spare space.
    May 28- June 9th. Rostock ( Germany) to Visby on Gotland. 12 nights. approx. 350 nm. 2 spare spaces.
    Kind regards. Andy & Sian

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