Deputy site administrator wanted

This site is gaining members – there are now twenty nine. There have been some useful discussions and they are developing into a reference source for owners.

This is good – but the site’s functioning is dependant on me. Were I to slip overboard or something, the rest of you would be left in the lurch. So I am looking for a volunteer (or two) to take on the role of deputy administrator.

Tasks for deputy

  • Receive duplicates of emails requesting approval of new membership, moderation of a member’s first post and forum contribution and also submissions from the contacts page
  • If I do not act on these within a reasonable timescale, to take the necessary action
  • Were I to disappear from the scene, either to take over as administrator or find someone to do so.

I will brief whoever takes this on and give you access to the site documentation and a test site where you can experiment with your new powers. You need to be comfortable at the computer. The tasks are easier to achieve on a computer rather than on the small screen of a phone. Some familiarity with WordPress (the system used to implement the site) or a willingness to gain it would be an advantage.

I have been considering this action for a while, and am now prompted by my visit to family in New Zealand for three weeks starting next week (by air not by sail), during which there will be periods when response to these tasks may be delayed.

Any comments are welcome as a reply below, but I suggest any detailed questions or dialogue about volunteering would best be by private message (my user name: antipole).

Thanks in anticipation, Tony

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