Farewell – Fryd has been sold

In 2017 we bought Fryd via Stephen and Francine as the brokers. This boat is quite famous in Norway as the previous owner was a well known mountaineer and explorer. She produced a series of television programmes sent out on the main Norwegian television channel.

We bought the boat since the 41 footer we had was too sharp and wild for crossing the Atlantic and we felt we would destroyed it by putting in all the extras we needed for the trip. So we sailed Fryd from England to France during our 2017 summer vacation. Left it in Port Bourgenay during the winter while I was finalizing my job and started in the spring of 2018.

My wife continued working so I sailed with friends and family down Europe, a bit into the Med, Madeira, Las Palmas, ARC, up the Caribbean and back over the Atlantic to Azores, England to Kiel and up to Scandinavia where we arrived in August.

My original plan was to take a break in 2020 and go north in 2021 but my wife wasn’t too keen of the cold and I felt that what I had done was the real adventure I needed. So we decided to sell the boat and instead buy something smaller more fit for coastal sailing for a couple.

When we put Fryd on the market we got several serious buyers wanting to take it over. It must be one of the best equipped Ovnis built and was in great shape, which was appreciated by the potential buyers.

In the end it was taken over by the son of the skipper who sailed it for the previous owner. So Fryd is now in a way back where it came from. Thanks to this very nice boat and the great community of Ovni sailors. The new owner is well aware of this forum and I am sure he will join you in due course.

Happy sailing! Svein