Introduction from s/v Tikaani

Greetings from Alison and Steve in Canada, “new” Ovni owners. Last summer we purchased the 2008 Ovni 495 (hull number 1) “Cynops”, which has now been renamed Tikaani ( for those interested, Tikaani means grey wolf in Inuktituk). Tikaani is presently residing near Toronto on Lake Ontario, getting some upgrades and renewals, with plans to get her back on “blue water” in the next year or 2.

As (probably) the only Ovni on the Great Lakes, and certainly one of the few aluminum boats, she gets her fair share of attention. As we complete upgrades, she will be a freshwater cruiser. I am sure we will be asking questions and offering our own learnings as we complete the refitting/repairs on Tikaani.

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