Ovni Owners Dinner

After the positive feedback we got from the last Ovni Owner’s Dinner, which ultimately led to the creation of this website, we thought we would try to organise another for this year.

We’ve picked the Cruising Association headquarters, CA House overlooking  Limehouse Basin Marina as a venue but on the downside there is limited availability because their catering provision is changing at Easter and they are unable to take later bookings.  http://www.theca.org.uk/public/ca_house

 So we have chosen Monday 21st March, the beginning of Easter week and have asked our most experienced UK based Ovni Owners (who are not still travelling – unless you know otherwise?) to give us a talk before dinner .  We did try for a Friday or Saturday but dates weren’t available so it seemed a good option to tack it on to a weekend for those who might need/want to take a long weekend.

There will also be the opportunity no doubt to exchange views on some of the issues currently making the headlines in the website forums 

The cost will be £36 a head for a three course meal, North Sea Maritime will buy you a drink on arrival but additional wine etc to have with dinner will be at your expense.

Because we have a fixed date we’ve decided to email rather than use Google Poll so please reply to this email as soon as possible (to info@northseamaritime.com)  letting us know if you can make the date, how many you will be and if you have any special dietary requirements.  To make this effective we would like to target 30 attendees (but we have a maximum of 50) and will open it to ‘friends’ of owners as well as owners. 

We think the timing will be a 7pm start, aiming for dinner around 8.15pm.  The Cruising Association does also offer some limited accommodation, probably just to members though which some of you are.  However there are plenty of other options  a short DLR ride away, near to the Excel Centre or at Tower Hill.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as can make the date.  However if we fail to meet a reasonable minimum we may have to go back to the drawing board.

With best regards,

Stephen and Francine – North Sea Maritime



2 thoughts on “Ovni Owners Dinner

  1. Stephen - NSM Post author

    It is with regret that we are postponing this event until the autumn – we have pencilled in the 22nd October for a re-run which the CA seem to be able to accommodate. Please pencil it in your diaries. So many of our owners are adventurous spirits so we’ve had replies to say sorry I’m ski-ing, in India, in the Azores and so on.

    However the secondary aim of the exercise was to raise the profile of and encourage membership of the Ovni Owners group online and hopefully a few more people have joined up as a consequence.

    Thank you for your support for this event. We hope you’ll be able to make the autumn date.

    Best regards,

    Stephen and Francine

  2. Andy Yates - Idle Spirit

    Dear Stephen and Francine
    This date is in our diary and we hope to make this -we were away in the Far East when the initial date was proposed!
    Lift out next week to sort out the Rudder – fingers crossed that the one on my desk is OK!
    Andy and Jen

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