Southampton Boatshow 2016 – Ovni 445 on display

Southampton Boatshow 16th-25th September 2016

Another year, another boatshow!  This year we have the pleasure of exhibiting Ovni 445#38 ‘Nomad’.  Some of you will probably think ‘ that’s the same boat as last year’ which is true but between the boatshows she’s completed the ARC, sailed around in the Caribbean and been sailed back to the UK, single-handed, by her owner, Slawomir.

Many of you are very active with your yachts and by exhibiting ‘Nomad’ again we have the opportunity to show to the non-Ovni owning public just what these yachts are about.  Tell your friends!

As per last year, we’ll be on berths M300 and M302 – the second berth will have the Bestevaer 45ST Pure making her UK debut.  We look forward to seeing you.

Stephen and Francine