Southampton Boatshow 2017

Southampton Boatshow 15th-24th September 2017

Another year, another boatshow!  That was how we started last year’s post too – this makes our 16th consecutive year with an Ovni at this boatshow!  We’ve built up the brand in the UK during these years and continue to do so although new boat sales are rarer than in past years, probably due to the financial climate and now Brexit uncertainties.

So, reliant on an extremely kind owner we once again have the pleasure of exhibiting Ovni 445#38 ‘Nomad’.  To continue her story, she has been  to Norway over the summer to visit the glaciers at Svaalbard via the Lofoten Islands.

Many of you are very active with your yachts and by exhibiting ‘Nomad’ again we have the opportunity to show to the non-Ovni owning public just what these yachts are about and how they take adventure in their stride .  Tell your friends!  If they don’t want a new one talk to us about buying secondhand – we have some interesting yachts currently listed and offer a buying service.

As per last year, we’ll be on berth M300.

We look forward to seeing you.

Stephen and Francine

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