Ahoy from SV GIZMO

Greetings! My wife, Ivana, and I purchased a 1993 Ovni 39 from a Frenchman. Due to covid we had to audible out travel plans and miss the survey in person, and ended up royally getting screwed. We had the boat delivered to Sint-Maarten where we are currently spending our cruising budget on an unanticipated refit of some major systems: Engine, transmission, electrical, standing/running, through hulls, hatches, water tank, freshwater and sewage plumbing, etc to name a few.

At any rate, we are progressing well and have the transmission back in the boat, along with engine repairs (heat exchanger, all cooling lines, freshwater pump, exhaust, all motor mounts,, etc) are nearing completion. Our electric has been update with 700ah of LifePO4, and 1200w of panels are on order to replace our 500w bank. We love to sail, on and off anchor, and will be as gentle as possible to our very abused 4jh2e but keeping it as maintained as possible. We have a standing rigging estimate, and as soon as we are able we will leave the marina and get out on the hook. Looking like Carriacou will be home this hurricane season, after changing our plans to sail the Bahamas and end up in Sag Harbor/Maine.

At any rate, we are continually impressed with the structure of this boat as we dive deeper into our projects, and plan to live aboard for the foreseeable future.

We have a few Ovni specific questions on replacing the keel lifting lines (we have new ones from Alubat) and hatch replacements, which we will post after researching for existing related content here.

Hopefully this finds you all well.


Christopher and Ivana

SV Gizmo