Introduction: SY Panacee and a family of three!

Hello everyone!

My husband and I found and bought our ’91 Ovni 30 in impeccable condition last year just before corona hit and we found out that a tiny Captain would be joining us in nine short months. Our favorite sailing revier is the Dutch and German Wadden Sea and drying out on a sandbank, something Ovnis excel in šŸ˜‰

Our previous boat was a 34ft aluminium Reinke, a twin keeler, that we sold in Australia in some years back before taking a pause in boat ownership.

This year we’ve chosen to take advantage of the parental leave that Germany offers and are liveaboards sailing her around the Baltic, Kattegat, Wadden Sea and the North Sea for six months. It’s been a fun ride so far with the tiny Captain in tow!

We’re new to this boat type and looking forwards to connecting with other Ovni owners/sailors across the globe!

(Next Years trip is planned for the UK 🇬🇧)

Hope this finds everyone well!

Saskia, Claus and little H

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